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BTD Battles E100 -Part D-

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Hello guys, so this is episode 100! I'm going to start off explaining what is going to be happening, followed by a few questions that my viewers ask about the game, and about me :). Likes are MUCH appreciated. I'm hoping for a couple hundred!! on ALL parts of the video :) E100 is basically a montage of a bunch of awesome BTD action :) Facebook: Twitter: NinjaKiwi: Skype Chat Room: skype:?chat&blob=dqnZJibYoc-JKHQ7f61R-laN3ai-nXYftA8jX_10QN0sbmnjYYRFQ7OaFzvVZQike21zOZ5dJ9zS1lxtZSJDwqk2U_zkIEj8umFdrE9etJROIzychY_dziOjOK29btBptB3dVS7mE5CT19-2lFseIK6QGgTprXZThSX-C7Wi4FmVpBbxrx_XdrDutUiUKxo-diyr_wADgWa03cia5JxTBCuA_AbTNRiDeBJgDEEpEgqmj-TbUMZSJsshig Game Link: How to upgrade towers without clicking- Period and Comma. I use Debut Video Capture to record my videos and Windows Movie Maker to save them.

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