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How to fake a six pack (Re: How to Fake Abs). *SARCASM*

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*READ ALL* This is SARCASM PEOPLE. THIS IS A VIDEO RESPONSE AND IS A JOKE. for all those who think the real you is the best you. This is a response to the featured video: Guys guys NO hating on the girl who made the original. I just think that the concept of drawing on abs is a little misleading and not needed,that's all. She makes good videos. Keep it clean people. I'm not hating her, i think people really find her videos useful. It was just this one video that threw me off a bit and i'm just having some fun :) I tried to make the video a response but it wasn't accepted which i understand. I cannot draw on my stomach without showing it. PS NO KIDDING IT DOESN'T LOOK REAL... every time i think people can't get more stupid...

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