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Dailymotion Search Results: "Samantha Jade, Cyrus - Hurt Anymore"

  • 09:24 GloRe Chart: Week 2 (January 2014)

    GloRe Chart: Week 2 (January 2014)

    You can vote for your Top 5 songs in the comments below or vote fully by sending the list below to GloRe Chart Facebook page via PM. Suggestions are welcomed but if you wish for it to be in your Top 5, only one can be included.

    Rules and Regulations:

    Voting List:
    01 [ ] 2NE1 - Missing You
    02 [ ] AlunaGeorge - Best Be Believing
    03 [ ] Avicii ft. Dan Tyminski - Hey Brother
    04 [ ] Avril Lavigne ft. Chad Kroeger - Let Me Go
    05 [ ] Aynur Aydin - Life Goes On
    06 [ ] Babasonicos - La Lanza
    07 [ ] Calvin Harris & Alesso ft. Hurts - Under Control
    08 [ ] Charli XCX - SuperLove
    09 [ ] Daft Punk ft. Julian Casablancas - Instant Crush
    10 [ ] Dami Im - Alive
    11 [ ] DJ Sava ft. Raluka - Aroma
    12 [ ] Electric Lady Lab - Open Doors
    13 [ ] Eminem ft. Rihanna - The Monster
    14 [ ] Emmelie de Forest - Hunter And Prey
    15 [ ] Fly Project - Toca Toca
    16 [ ] Grasu XXL ft. Ami - Deja Vu
    17 [ ] Grigoriy Leps & Ani Lorak - Zerkala
    18 [ ] Hardwell ft. Matthew Koma - Dare You
    19 [ ] Jolin Tsai - Journey
    20 [ ] Katy Perry - Unconditionally
    21 [ ] Koda Kumi - Dreaming Now
    22 [ ] kyary pamyu pamyu - Mottai-Nightland
    23 [ ] Lim Kim - Goodbye 20
    24 [ ] Lorde - Team
    25 [ ] missA - Hush
    26 [ ] Nine Muses - Glue
    27 [ ] Nuria Swan - Romeo
    28 [ ] Pharrell Williams - Happy
    29 [ ] Pitbull ft. Ke$ha - Timber
    30 [ ] Rihanna - What Now
    31 [ ] Samantha Jade - Soldier
    32 [ ] Stromae - Tous Les Mêmes
    33 [ ] supercell - No. 525300887039
    34 [ ] Sylwia Grzeszczak - Ksiezniczka
    35 [ ] Tattoo Colour - Khụ̄n nī̂ s̄bāy
    36 [ ] Veronica Maggio - Sergels torg
    37 [ ] Victor & Leo - Na Linha do Tempo
    38 [ ] Vitaa ft. Maître Gims - Game Over
    39 [ ] Weather Girls - HEY BOY ~Weisenmo~
    40 [ ] Zara Larsson - Bad Boys

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  • 00:40 Samantha Stough - Sometimes

    Samantha Stough - Sometimes

    It hurts just to sing a song
    I’m bending backwards all day long
    My train of thought is far from complete
    But somehow I manage to drag my feet
    Flowers, lips, sweetness, and such
    Always wither and fade at my touch
    Telling myself it can’t be all my fault
    As my tears roll down the asphalt
    I believe I can cure this curse
    But only if I find you first
    Like a vagrant I pound at the door
    Old feelings don’t matter anymore
    This time my passion feel so true
    I discern fresh hope in you

    Samantha Stough

  • 00:10 Samantha White - A Suicide Note

    Samantha White - A Suicide Note

    My world of pain and confusion will finally be no more. I don’t know if I am doing the right thing, but it doesn’t matter now. I hope there is a better place for me somewhere, after death. A place where I no longer feel like I am going crazy and like I can’t ever be good enough. And I’m sorry to everyone I might be hurting by doing this, but I just can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry to my friends who tried to help me but I didn’t listen; I just turned away. And the rest of my family and anyone else I knew; and especially my mom. She was always there for me, but I never talked to her. Mom, I’m sorry if I made you feel like you weren’t a good mom. You were the best mom a girl could have. I really hope no one blames himself or herself for this because it is no one’s fault but my own for making this decision.

    **This is actually true. I tried 2 kill myself but thankfully didn't succeed. **

    By: Samantha White

    Samantha White

  • 00:59 Samantha Martin - I Hate Today

    Samantha Martin - I Hate Today

    I hate the world today and hate myself in everyway
    I hate the person that I have become
    I hate the dreams and the nightmares I have
    And hate the days when I can’t
    I can’t hold on anymore
    My foot is half way out the door
    And everyday there is some mistake I have made
    I’ve learned my lesson
    I can not win
    I’m set to lose
    And hurt within
    But everyday I make one mistake
    I wish I could take it away
    And all the pain my friends have felt
    I wish it would go away
    I’d rather die then live life
    And rather burn than cry
    But everyday I make
    More and more mistakes
    I don’t know if I can go on

    Samantha Martin

  • 00:51 Samantha Williams - I Think I'm Falling In Love

    Samantha Williams - I Think I'm Falling In Love

    Everyday I think of you.
    Every morning I wake with you on my mind.
    Every night I dream of you.
    Time after time after time.
    And I think I'm falling in love.

    You once only thought of me as a friend.
    Now I hope your thoughts of me will never end.
    I wait for you to make you move.
    I seem to wait so long.
    I'll be here patiently waiting on.
    And I think I'm falling in love.

    At first the thought of love just made me cry.
    Because I've been hurt before.
    But I just can't resist these feelings anymore.
    Because I think I'm falling in love.

    Samantha Williams

  • 00:44 Samantha Martin - It’s my time

    Samantha Martin - It’s my time

    A knife in my hand
    The same feeling again
    Of want to die and wasting my life
    My friends tell me
    And say they don’t want to see me go
    But they don’t see the pain
    I live with everyday
    So I just hurt them more
    So they would leave me alone
    Afraid to die alone
    But I really don’t know
    What I want anymore
    I keep shutting the door
    To my life to the lies
    That I caused them this night
    So I will tell them goodbye
    As I turn the knife towards myself
    This time no more time to hide
    Goodbye goodbye it’s my time to die

    Samantha Martin

  • 00:33 Jade Leven - A Door You Close Forever

    Jade Leven - A Door You Close Forever

    are you a door you close forever,
    or should I leave you wide open...
    for possibilities to come as time ticks on?
    if I don't hear you leave, are you really gone?

    are you a door I close forever,
    I think you are
    so the monsters behind you can't hurt me anymore
    I'm turning the handle...
    I closed the door.

    Jade Leven

  • 01:19 Jade Just me - My Farewell Letter

    Jade Just me - My Farewell Letter

    To everyone I ever loved
    this is my farewell
    I might be going to heaven
    I might be going to hell

    I can't take it anymore
    I can't endure the pain
    I'd rather kill myself
    than live this life of shame

    You might say I'm a coward
    and talk bad when I'm gone
    you might say I was stupid
    but all of you are wrong

    because who else would have the strength
    to take a razor to their arm?
    who else would be strong enough
    to bring all self harm?

    good-bye mommy
    good-bye daddy
    you just didn't know
    I was hurting to badly

    good-bye to my friends
    the ones that tried to help me through
    even though you couldn't save me
    I still appreciate you

    good-bye brothers and sisters
    and all my family members
    do not bury me in a casket
    watch my ashes burn with embers

    good-bye to everyone
    farewell to all
    please don't be here
    to watch me fall

    One night I wanted to die, so i wrote a farewell letter, then I turned it into a poem

    Jade Just me

  • 01:47 jade MOnteScLArOS - ♥ ♥ ..DoN'T LoOk BAcK..♥ ♥

    jade MOnteScLArOS - ♥ ♥ ..DoN'T LoOk BAcK..♥ ♥

    DoN'T LooK BACk,
    WhEn DecideD To LeavE,
    CauSe If you do,
    i wiLL Be huRt.

    DoN'T try To ExPLaiN,
    CauSe i wOn'T bELiEvE you,
    if you DeciDed To LEavE,
    JusT LEavE SiLeNtLy.

    i nEeD You, CAuSe i LovE YOu,
    But You Won't MAkE iT,
    i Want YOu, But i HAte you,
    ThAT's whY i CAn'T HoLd you.

    CauSe you Don'T Love me,
    you neEd To Be FrEe,
    i CAn'T Force you To lOvE me,
    LiKE ThE Way you LoVE her.

    i L0vE YOu,
    BuT You LovE HEr,
    i CAre for you,
    BuT You ChOoSe HEr.

    i Can giVe mY Life to You,
    But you CHoOse To DiE WiTh HEr,
    i CAn MaKe You HApPy,
    But You ChOoSe To Be miSerABLe WiTh HeR.

    i Love You MorE,
    But YOu ChOosE to L0VE Her,
    EvEn She Loves you Less,
    EvEn She LovEs AnoThEr.

    You ArRiVed In My House,
    And CrY In My ShouLdEr,
    i D0n'T haVe cHoiCe,
    But To MAke You fEeL bEtTer.

    yOU ToLd ME You Don'T Love,
    Nor Want To TAlk To Her AnymOre,
    And you ToLd ME You STiLL LOve ME,
    aNd i BeLieVe yoU,

    i DiD ForGaVe you,
    i Love You AgAin,
    and you MAde ME fEeL,
    LikE i'M in HeaVen.

    bUt Now i HeARd,
    That You We'Re wiTh EacH OthEr aGain,
    aND Just LiKE In The BEgGiniNg,
    i'm LeFt aLL aLoNe AgaiN.

    jade MOnteScLArOS

  • 02:19 Jade Leven - December Skin

    Jade Leven - December Skin

    Written on 12/16/06

    you walk through the walls of my heart
    in past lives they’ve been shallow and cold
    you told my pain and my guilt to part
    leaving me with a hand to hold
    my core doesn’t shiver from being empty anymore
    my laugh doesn’t seem so thin
    because of you
    I get into
    my December skin

    you told me something, you told me truth
    so is it just supposed to be
    it was the opposite of what I believed to be proof
    that there was no good in me
    I changed my mind so often then
    I’d hate to be back where I’ve been
    but now that’s through
    I’m lying next to you
    in my December skin

    no words that I could speak
    would you understand
    to mean the good that has come out of
    something so unplanned

    will I always be so absorbed in this
    you gave me comfort like I’ve never known
    thank you for the endless happiness
    and the love only you could’ve shown
    these letters and sounds try to tell our story
    I don’t even know where to begin
    but you’re by my side
    for now I reside
    in my December skin

    inside this glass frame is a perfect image
    it takes away so much of my fear
    you and I, we built this bridge
    to get across this difficult year
    it’s so sad we have so little time
    and so many battles to win
    I’ll enjoy what we own
    and forget the unknown
    in my December skin

    no words that I could speak
    would you understand
    to mean the good that has come out of
    something so unplanned

    in a day with no hurt and a day with no tears
    here’s the one thing I know is true
    a hundred, a thousand, a million years
    isn’t long enough to love you
    but still, I’ll love you

    Jade Leven