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  • Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion

    Tove Lo Cool Girl

    The official single artwork was revealed on September 6th and it was created by Andrea C Gelardin and Ruth Hogben, who is also responsible for the music video.

    A special/alternate version of the song with the extra collaboration of American rapper Twista is also expected to be released in the coming days.

    The single is a perfect grunge-infused 90s-inspired pop-rock piece, maybe it’s not an instant radio hit, but it’s definitely a grower from start to finish with a killer chorus “It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love, it was a perfect illusion (Perfect illusion)” and highly influences from German band Guano Apes and Nirvana’s vocalist Kurt Cobain.

    For me, “Perfect Illusion” is just a first taste of what’s to come and it’s like the “Applause” of this new era. So let’s enjoy this perfect illusion until the second single arrives, hopefully be a big pop bop signed by RedOne.

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  • Tove Lo - Cool Girl

    Tove Lo Cool Girl

    Swedish pop star Tove Lo is about to start the promotion of her second studio album and follow-up to acclaimed debut “Queen of the Clouds“, released back in 2014.

    The new single is called “Cool Girl” and it’s expected to impact radio on August 4th, and of course it will be released worldwide the next day on digital retailers and streaming services.

    According Lorde, this new single is “the pop song of the summer“. It was written by Lo with the collaboration of Ludvig Söderberg and Jakob Jerlström.
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  • Jason Derulo - Kiss The Sky

    Jason Derulo - Kiss The Sky

    American recording artist Jason Derulo is back with a brand new single “Kiss the Sky“, only new song included on his first compilation album “Platinum Hits“, which was released on digital retailers and streaming services on July 29th via Warner Music.

    The song was written by Derulo with the collaboration of Madison Love, Thomas Eriksen, Thomas Troelsen, Sam Martin, Michael Caren, Terius Nash and Bonnie McKee.

    “Kiss the Sky” is also set to appear in the upcoming animated film Storks, in theaters September 23th.
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  • Cher Lloyd - Activated

    Cher Lloyd - Activated

    It’s time! English singer-songwriter, rapper, model and The X Factor princess Cher Lloyd ia about to impact the music scene with a brand new single. Fans rejoy!

    The song is called “Activated” and it’s out on July 22nd, which is basically next Friday. It’s the lead single taken from her third album, expected to be released later this year or early 2017 via Vixen Records.

    “Activated” is a cute track but not a powerful comeback shot to explote on the radio. Anyway, the song was written by Lloyd with the collaboration of Whitney Phillips, Soaky and Louis Bell.
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